News/28 Sep 2019

The Trilogy Balanced Lifestyle

Simple hacks for living a balanced lifestyle

We’ve all been there, feeling like you’re constantly on a treadmill; running at full speed but still about to take a tumble.

Sound familiar? Having a balanced lifestyle can seem like a dream, but trust us it’s not! Take a look at our tips and tricks to help you bring some balance back into your life.

We’ve split it into internal and external factors, so here it goes!


  1. You are what you eat The hormone cortisol increases your appetite when you’re stressed, not ideal we know! Rather than trying the latest diet fad, plan your meals a week in advance. Start your day with a balanced breakfast, cut back on the caffeine and sugar, up your proteins and leafy greens. Increasing your Vitamin C, magnesium and Vitamin B intake is worth doing too! Snack on oranges, up your broccoli intake, add spinach into your dishes, and snack on some sweet red pepper. These vitamins are natural mood boosters, they’ll help balance your emotions, regulate your mood and energy as well as controlling your blood sugar levels.

  2. Train, it will help your brain It may seem crazy but the more exercise you do, the more your brain trains. The more you move and increase your heart rate, the more hormones you’ll release which helps the growth of brain cells and development, so it’s time to get moving!

  3. Be ready to relax Yes really! Relaxation helps your mind and body rejuvenate, lowering hypertension. Your memory can improve as well as your metabolism. If you struggle to sit still, why not try some mediation, yoga or Pilates? Stretch yourself stress-free.

  4. Find somewhere green Whether it’s a weekend stroll or afternoon in our courtyard, find some green space and explore the great outdoors. Research shows that green spaces reduce stress and anxiety and increases your overall well-being. There’s some great walks close by so get planning your next outing.


  1. Plan Start your week with a plan, write down (or save in your calendar / smartphone notes) where you need to be and when. Also note your tasks for the week and keep track of your work load, add in your workout classes and relaxation time too. At the end of the week you can review how much you’ve got done, you’ll be surprised!

  2. Work smart Watch the hours that you do to make sure you’re working smart – not long. Track your work, plan your tasks and stick to what you’re working on, try not to get distracted. Do the job you’re least looking forward to first and your day will be much more enjoyable.

  3. Socialise
    Set aside time in each week to socialise, join a sports club or start a new sport, try to limit your social media use, especially if you’re very busy! It will help you resist temptations and of course reduce the chance of FOMO.

  4. Consider your environment Make sure you enjoy your home environment, you need a space where you can work, relax and entertain. Luckily your apartment at The Trilogy has been designed to be an adaptable space! Getting this right has been proven to increase happiness. Add photos and cosy interiors so you look forward to heading home, especially when the autumn rain and winter weather strikes.

At The Trilogy we do everything we can to make our residents lives that bit easier, so we hope these hacks can do just that!